First, let me thank you for your interest in DreamWeb Photography!

My name is Andrew; I primarily spend my time behind the camera and the computer. Carrie, my wonderful wife, manages the business (as well as myself!).  We have two amazing children, a son and a daughter, with our daughter being the main subject of many a photo shoot (can you say guinea pig?). 

We recently relocated from the Wasatch Front to the Uintah Basin; Vernal to be exact.  We look forward to meeting our new neighbors, and to offer our services to our local community.

Before our move, Carrie was a teacher aide with the elementary school special education program.  Unfortunately, the program at her school was abolished due to budget constraints.  She is actively seeking an equivalent position locally, but in the interim, she is “aiding” my life!

Before our relocation, we had rented what was to be studio space in anticipation of my retirement from civil service.  I am a 20-year Air Force veteran, followed by a 20-year DoD Air Force civilian career.  We were renting on a month-to-month lease, but were having issues with the owner.  The roof had a severe leak which had totally damaged the restroom.  We had agreed to take care of the remodel and the owner agreed to repair the roof.  We also had an agreement that he would update the HVAC system (the space had not been occupied for several years).

We had purchased all the necessary materials for the restroom remodel but the roof repair had yet to be completed.  In an effort to be in a position to start as soon as those repairs were made, we stripped all of the rotted drywall, the vanity, and the toilet.  At that point, we found the plumbing infrastructure to be a total disaster.  We reported what we had found to the owner, but were given no time frame for which the repairs might have been made (and we were still waiting for the roof repairs!).

If that wasn’t enough, while we were in limbo waiting for repairs, the owner informed us he had a new prospective renter who was willing to pay twice what we were paying and if we wanted to keep the space, we would need to beat their offer (not just meet it, even though we were already in it).  Needless to say, we declined…

Anyway…  We hope to acquire studio space locally, but until we do, we are more than willing to come to you, or to shoot in some of the amazing scenic areas available in the Basin.  We shoot portraits, couples, high school seniors, fine art…  We have so many areas here locally to create amazing art.  Remember our motto – Capturing Dreams, One Frame at a Time!